Fireworks displays
FAE Pyrotechnics’ designers have won numerous prizes and honourable mentions, such as the three prizes: jury, public and innovation at the Invitation québécoise d’art pyrotechnique in Shawinigan in 2003, 2005 and 2008, and the Coupe des Dieux it won on the occasion of the Grands feux Telus, a national Canadian competition at the Lac des Nations in 2007. In 2008, FAE was invited to represent Canada at the Globalfest, an international pyrotechnics competition that took place in Calgary. Our company was also awarded one of the most significant budgets for the creation of a non-competitive pyromusical show as part of Le Grand feu bleu of Laval. FAE also heats up crowds at the Fire on Ice event held every winter at the Old Port of Montreal as well as at the prestigious Ode à l'hiver of the Casino de Charlevoix.
Soundtracks are engineered at the FAE Pyrotechnics studio. They are assembled with the objective of making the fireworks dance in the sky and to amaze the spectators. The music, being coupled to the most reliable and versatile firing system in the industry, is therefore synchronised with the fireworks, resulting in truly sophisticated choreography, and making FAE the leader in the field of exceptional pyrotechnical performances.

FAE Pyrotechnie is the winner of the 2012 Blackpool World Fireworks Championships (UK).


State of the art : FAE Pyrotechnics is always at the forefront of launching methods with equipment and technology that is the most up-to-date. The creativity of the designers, together with the latest computerised systems, produces synchronized choreography to music that arouses a range of emotions in the spectators.

FireOne System : FAE uses powerful FireOne systems to create artistic choreography, synchronised to 100th of a second. Reliable and versatile like no other, this firing system is specially designed for large scale fireworks displays, and can be synchronised by way of GPS or Wi-fi; it is also compatible with wireless technology.

Computer : The design of fireworks displays is achieved with the help of the most modern programs and computers in the industry with integrated 3D simulation function.

Barges : Provision of barges, certified by Transport Canada with the option of showing a shimmering colour on the water.


FAE Pyrotechnics imports a wide range of fireworks from Spain, Italy, China and the United States, manufactured by the best in the business. The products of these suppliers are certified by the Canadian Explosives Regulatory Division.

FAE purchases from the following manufacturers:

FAE Pyrotechnics clients are thus assured of the originality and quality of the products and can admire the most beautiful pyrotechnic effects on the Canadian market. This wide variety of products results in fireworks displays that are diverse and sophisticated.
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