Indoor Pyrotechnics
The art of staging indoor displays occupies a special place on the travel log of FAE Pyrotechnics. Importers of an extensive range of interior pyrotechnics effects, FAE distinguishes itself by way of originality and exceptional precision in the deployment of these effects.

Sporting events, concerts, product launches and television are on the agenda of FAE pyrotechnicians 12 months of the year.


FAE imports a wide range if indoor fireworks and special effects manufactured by Next FX. Originality and precision is paramount for FAE's designers, who make a clever use of:
  • Airbursts
  • Comets
  • Mines
  • Gerbs
  • Flames
  • Wheels (Saxons)
  • Falls
  • Wire Rockets
  • Concussion
  • Flash Powder
  • Multi-shot Tracer Boards
  • KABUKI Streamers (Biodegradable flameproof paper)
  • Centrepieces

    To dazzle your guests, pyrotechnic centerpiece models are ideal for weddings, receptions, galas and other occasions. Effects of flames gushing from a floral bouquet or other ornaments will make any event an outstanding success.

    Our wireless equipment can simultaneously and safely illuminate all of your guests. The components used produce neither smoke nor debris.
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